Lights and Flashers.for Night Launches


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Table of Contents

Lights and Flashers.for Night Launches

.Why Have Lights?

Invisible Incoming Hazards Can Wreck Your Day

What Rockets Can You Put Lights On?

Choosing Your Lights

Maximum Maximum Launch Weight Limits Lights

Maximum Launch Weight

The Simplest Light: . Battery and Bulb

Chemical Lights also Work

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Is Where The Fun Begins

LEDs Need A Resistor

Multiple LEDs May Need A Current Divider

Use Spotlights To Illuminate A Feature

Building Flashers and Chasers

Flasher Circuits

Making A LED Chaser

Toy Lights

Strobe Lights

Disposable Camera Flash

Strobe Trigger Circuits

Making It Fit

Selecting A Battery

Multiple Battery Options

Soldering To Batteries

Choosing A Switch

Sources Of Parts

Author: William J. Orvis