[LUNAR Announce:] What to expect at the LUNAR contest Saturday at Snow Ranch

Ryan G. Coleman ryan.g.coleman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 00:17:37 UTC 2010


In case you're wondering exactly what to do if you want to compete at
the contest that will be held Saturday (weather and field permitting,
if the launch is on, the contest is on), here's a brief rundown.

When you first arrive, you'll want to sign in as normal for the launch
and then sign in for the contest. If you're a NAR member flying the
contest officially, there is one form to fill out, if you're just
flying for fun there is another form. Either way it shouldn't take
more than a few minutes.

The spot landing target and random duration target will be selected
first thing in the morning and I'll tell you clearly where and what
they are.

Throughout the day, you'll follow the same flight procedure. Before
the flight, bring the motor to be used to the contest checkin area.
(Some people bring all their motors up at once to save time). Then,
prep your model for each flight you want to make (starting with Spot
Landing and then Random Duration, if you're flying those events),
bring it back to the contest checkin area, get safety checked and get
a pad. There will be several rods and at least one tower for you to
use. Hopefully the contest range is running smoothly enough that
you'll be able to choose when you fly (hence why we'll be separate
from the sport range) so you can 'pick your air.'

Now, throughout the day, when you aren't busy flying, if you're
competing you'll be asked to help with various tasks to keep things
running smoothly. If nobody helps, nobody can actually fly! I can only
do so many things at once. Tasks that some people can help with:

1) Measuring for spot landing
2) timing flights in the other events
3) checking in motors/rockets and assigning pads

Now, if there aren't many competitors, I will usually take care of
step 3, and if there is really not many competitors, I'll be able to
measure each spot landing attempt with the modeler holding the other
end of the tape. However, each timed flight needs two timers. It isn't
hard, stopwatches will be provided and nearly everybody can do it.
With the relatively low power events being held, it should even be

Anyway, if you have questions or I've forgotten something, feel free
to ask. I've heard from a number of potential competitors so it should
be a fun meet!


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