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Jack Hagerty jhagerty at juno.com
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I'm making one of my now-rare postings on the announce list because it's
really important that everyone in the club see this. I'm also cc'ing the
president and VP of the NAR.

I got a phone call this evening from Scot Brees. It started out like your
normal rocket call and in my head I was queuing up my usual rocket
responses, but then it took a different turn. Scot attended Maker Fair for a
couple of years and what his kids remember most is our
make-it/fly-it/take-it. He's now in southern Oregon working for OSU and is
starting something similar for kids in the Beaver State. Mostly what he
needed was Nettie Hunsicker's contact info at Quest, but he wanted to make
sure he knew the kind of impact we had. Our efforts have now started some
rocketry activity in a whole different state! Below is the follow-up email
he sent to me this evening.

It's important to tell all of you because every one of our members, not just
the officers wearing the vests at the launches, is an ambassador for the
hobby. Lots of the people who come out to the launches have never seen the
hobby in action and by our being open, pleasant and helpful answering
questions is how we spread the word. You never know where it might lead.

- Jack

Jack Hagerty, Section Advisor
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Wernher von Braun

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Thanks for the chat this evening. As I mentioned, having been involved
with Maker Faire for the past 5 years, I am extremely impressed with
it in general but one event sticks out in my kids' minds above most
others-the Lunar rocket build and fly event! So much so, that now with
me working for Oregon State University Extension Services, I'm
modeling smaller youth events similar to how you ran them in 2009 and
2010. Our first one is coming up in June and leading into larger
events with Oregon Rocketry Club.

I'll also be following-up with you and Wes, per your request, to give
you some newsletter-appropriate material about how your past efforts
are seeing inspiration in youth that you may not have anticipated. I
certainly know how important it is to get feedback like this when you

Again...thanks for the help and when you make your next trip to Tacoma
for your daughter, perhaps turn Right at Weed, follow Hwy 97 for about
5 hours into Bend, and I'll buy you a beer. 

Scot W. Brees
4-H ORSET Staff-Oregon State University Extension Services
scot.brees at oregonstate.edu
scot.brees at 4-Horset.org

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