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Thanks Sam Please sign up to be part of this historic event. The National Association of Rockery supports many educational aspects of our hobby and this is the annual national showcase. We need your help and support for this event. Please contact Sam.
LUNAR #1405, http://www.lunar.org 
Aero-Pac # 699 http://www.aeropac.org 
NAR [L3] #85655, http://www.nar.org 
Tripoli [L3} #11202 www.tripoli.org

 > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 20:03:26 -0700
> From: sam at fineberg.net
> To: lunar-general at googlegroups.com
> Subject: [LUNAR general:] NARCON 2013
> We are ramping up the planning for next year's NARCON conference being 
> hosted by LUNAR.  If you would like to help, please let me know and join 
> the NARCON planning Yahoo group.  To join, send an email to: 
> narcon2013-planning-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
> Thanks,
> Sam
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> Sam Fineberg
> Sam at fineberg.net / K6SAF
> NAR 91047 / TRA 13293 L3
> LUNAR BoD Secretary
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