[LUNAR Announce:] Ames launch on Saturday 4/18

David Raimondi d.raimondi at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 15 18:19:47 PDT 2015


We are definitely in the summer wind pattern, and that means you need to be
prepared to fly smaller motors at the launches. The wind forecast is calling
for winds around 10 mph on Saturday about 1100. When the winds pick up, that
means your rockets will start drifting away from the launch area.  

When this happens, I will have the LCO ask people to fly smaller motors and
to reef the parachutes to help keep the rockets from drifting away from the

If the rockets continue to land away from the launch area (more than 500
feet, the end of Hanger 1), LUNAR will need to stop the launch.

Saturday is going to be hot and sunny. Remember to bring water and sun
block!  Remember, no food on the airfield.
Thank you,

LUNAR President

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