[LUNAR Announce:] LUNAR Launch on January 4th (Saturday)

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There will be Snow Ranch launch on January 4th, 2020 this coming Saturday
from 0900 to 1600.

Please review the following Launch announcement:

Be sure to check the hotline in case we have to cancel at the last minute.
HOTLINE #: 925.443.8705

After the latest rains, things are very wet at the ranch, so make sure you
stay on the roads. Drive down the center of the road to avoid making the
road wider. Drive slowly through the puddles in the road, they are not too
deep and have a hard packed bottom.

As you drive down highway 4 at 55 to 60 mph and turn up the road to the
ranch, realize that you are on private property and on dirt road now that
goes by people's houses.  The speed limit on driveway is 5 MPH., Once past
the cattle grate and the first junction to the left, the speed limit is
7mph. If you drive fast, you will send dust and grit all over the place.
Slow down, take it easy, there is plenty of time to get up to the launch
site. You will keep the Rancher's happy and your car will like it too.

We will be flying on a working cattle ranch in a field that hasn't changed
much in the last 10,000 years. There are no paved roads, sidewalks, mowed
lawns, or anything else you are used to having at the launches in Livermore.
Treat this land with respect, and leave only foot prints when you head home.

You will find rocks, squirrel holes, sticks, cow bones, and other assorted
items that can twist or break ankles or legs if you are not paying
attention. You will also see wildlife. In addition to the bulls and cows,
there are squirrels, snakes, coyotes, mountain lions, golden eagles, bald
eagles, buzzards, and other critters. Again, if you pay attention, none of
these critters will bother you. If you have kids, keep an eye on them, don't
let them wander far without an adult.

This is rattle snake country the same as the hills around Livermore. As long
as you pay attention to where you are walking and where you put your hands
and feet, you won't have a problem. Stay away from the rock fences, the
blackberry bushes, and the brushy rock formations. Those are all snake
places. If your rocket lands in one of those places, come get me or one of
the club officers to help you  get it out. Now, I am not trying to scare
anyone, I just want to make sure you are paying attention. My brothers,
sister, cousins, and I played all over those hills as children and never got
bit and I want to make sure no one else does.

When you get to the launch area, follow the marked road to the field.

Even though it looks like there is a shorter way, don't do it. There is a
reason I mark the road where I do. There is a road down the center of the
field where we launch. You can park on either side of that road. On the east
side you can go as far as the creek but on the west side, do not go more
than one car length from the road. Most of the ground is sod over mud. If
you break through the sod, your car will drop to its axles in the mud. Four
wheel drive will not save you. The ground under the sod is almost liquid.
Some of you will remember when I pulled a lost rocket out of the ground. The
rocket had punched a hole through the sod. I was able to stick my arm down
into the ground all the way to my elbow without any problem, slide my
fingers under the rocket, and pull it out.

If I can stick my arm up to the elbow in the ground, imagine what something
with the weight of a car will do. The places we will mark out have gravel
under them and are solid. A few feet farther up the hill are not.

As I mentioned, this is a working ranch and there are a few ranch rules.

  - Leave the cows and bulls alone. There are a lot of newborn calves in the
field, many born in the last week. If you see one, don't go too close and do
not get between the calves and the cows, especially small children.

  - If you see a calf that appears to be in trouble, that is, it has fallen
in a hole or in the creek and does not seem to be able to get out, come and
get me and I will rescue it.

  - Leave the wild critters alone. It is OK to look, but don't try to pick
them up. The rattle snakes you find out there are real, not toys, and they

  - If there are bee hives on the hill above where we launch, stay away from
them. They are self protecting so you have been warned.

  - Close any gates that you open.

  - Do not do anything to deface or mess up the land. A rancher is just
about the greenest person you will ever meet when it comes to his land. In
this case, our family has been caring for this land for over 130 years. The
worst thing you can do is to create ruts which cause erosion which is
another reason to stay on the roads. Please pick up all or your trash and if
you see trash, pick it up as well and take it home for proper disposal.

- You do not have permission to cross the fence to the south of the launch
are to retrieve your rocket.  In the event that your rocket does land across
the fence line, please contact one of the Lunar officers for assistance in
recovering your rocket.


LUNAR Rocket Club, President


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