[LUNAR Announce:] Becky Green is running for the NAR Board

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Go to the link below... You will need to login to the NAR website (I am
assuming that everyone is a NAR member and has setup their bio...  The
Voting is at the bottom of the web page, (see link below).
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How do we vote now?  I thought the elections were held at NARAM (or by
mail-in ballot just before).
- Jack

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Becky Green is running for a seat on the NAR Board!  Please read her Bio and
Vote for her.  Becky is involved in educational outreach and competitions.
She works with schools to build and fly rockets, all the way to Graduate
students working on CanSat that are flown in the "A Rocket Launch for
International Student Satellites (ARLISS), Team America Challenge, Student
Launch Program and many other programs.   Becky has helped LUNAR with
outreach and she really is Super Star when it comes to Outreach!
Becky Green
NAR #99806 L3
San Rafael, CA
My interest in rocketry began in 1994. I achieved my Level 3 certification
in June 1996. Over the past 25 years I have been involved with many aspects
of rocketry including several educational outreach events and competitions.
Here are some of the programs and leadership positions I have been active
I was elected to the board of directors and served as the treasurer of my
local rocket club for almost a decade. I helped start the ARLISS program ("A
Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites") twenty years ago and
have been the ARLISS Coordinator working with international student teams
for 18 years. This competition has expanded rocketry to thousands of
students around the world.
After retiring in 2014, I have had more time to volunteer for several
educational rocketry programs. I have been on the NAR safety team for the
NASA Student Launch Program (SLP) in Huntsville, AL since 2013. I have been
a co-mentor for SLP teams since 2009. I was invited to be a judge in Costa
Rica for a payload contest for students who had never launched a model
rocket in their country. The University of Costa Rica invited me to teach
rocketry at a space camp that had 50 students each year. I also mentor local
Sea Cadets and high school students.
As an elected NAR Trustee, I will continue and expand the NAR's outreach
programs for students of all ages and backgrounds. It would be an honor to
serve our NAR members, and the greater rocketry community, by applying my
leadership experiences and by sharing my excitement for our fun and
challenging hobby.
VOTE for Becky at the NAR website!  URL:
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