[LUNAR Announce:] Launch tomorrow!

Toby Vanderbeek tobyvanderbeek at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 16:56:05 PST 2020

There will be a Snow Ranch launch on February 1st, 2020 this coming
Saturday from 0900 to 1600.

Be sure to check the hotline in case we have to cancel at the last
minute.  *HOTLINE
#: 925.443.8705*

*Bring your NAR/TRA membership card with current cert level. This will help
us at check-in.*

Come a little early if you can, to help set up. We can't pull off a launch
without your help. We also need volunteers to assist at rocket check-in,
spotter on the hill, launch controller, etc. We often have first timers or
beginners so if you see someone with a puzzled look on their face, take a
few minutes to help them prepare their rocket, load it on a rod, connect
the wires, etc.

If you would like to save time and prepare your flight cards ahead, you can
download them here:
Low power (A-G) http://lunar.org/docs/FlightCards-LP.pdf
High power (H-M) http://lunar.org/docs/FlightCards-HP.pdf


Toby Vanderbeek
tobyvanderbeek at gmail.com
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