[LUNAR Announce:] New launch sites!

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Fri Apr 21 10:58:01 PDT 2023

I am happy to announce that we have 8 new launch dates for Brigantino Park
in Hollister.

Snow Ranch's last launch this season will be on April 29th, but we'll
continue launching in May in Hollister!

Snow Ranch is 97 miles / 1:50 from Sunnyvale and Brigantino Park is 57
miles / 1:05 so it is a bit closer for most of you.

In addition to launching year round there, we are working on even closer
sites for low-power and possibly TARC launches.

Please let me know if 1) you have ever launched locally (I want to reach
out to the property) or 2) are interested in having a group launch (scouts,
churches, schools, etc).

The number one question is always "where can we launch" and we're excited
to be able to announce Brigantino year round and hopeful regarding closer

Fred Radford, President LUNAR
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