[Announce:] NASA Ames Launch 3/20

Kendall, Steve skendall at sjm.com
Thu Mar 18 05:00:39 UTC 2010

You realize that this is their only way of getting us out of their hair.
We keep coming out, and they keep making these ridiculous rules and rule
changes in a feeble attempt to either a) get us to leave on our own or
b) screw up and break a rule so they can kick us out.  While I believe
that NASA actually wants us there, the National Guard people up in the
tower just want us out so they can get back to "normal".  I can't wait
until we have to march single file down the fence and then execute
parade ground style maneuvers and turns to reach the launch area.

No Shade?  Can we bring beach umbrellas?  I have one that's especially
bright and obnoxious.  Looks like something you'd see at a hot dog
stand.  ;-)

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The weather for the launch on Saturday is looking great! This will be a
launch with about 130 YMCA Adventure Guides and 25 Boy Scouts in
We will need lots of volunteers to help with crowd control.

We will be launching from about midspan of Hanger 1. This is a long walk
from the entrance gate to the Range Head. Please bring out only what you
need. When walking to the Range Head, please walk along the fence until
are close to the site before turning towards to the launch area.

The Airfield Management Office has also decided that they do not want
easy-ups on the airfield. I am working with them and on this new
restriction. I don't see a problem since these are tied down, but until
can get this worked out, please leave them at home.

Please help out for an hour. I hope that I will see you Saturday!


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