[LUNAR Announce:] Ames launch 4/21

david raimondi d.raimondi at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 22 02:43:42 UTC 2012


Thank you for everyone who came out today and supported the Out Reach
Groups! We had a great launch, had plenty of club members flying all the Out
Reach Groups indicated that they had a good time.

We launched until 1330 today when we finally exhausted the flyers.

Thank you to Tony Cooper who manned the LCO position all day, the people
working the Safety Check tables, and Check-in table.

We had over 500 in attendance, and a maximum of 302 people on the airfield.
Jack Hagerty will have the statistics in a sometime shortly.

Special Thanks to Elliot who helped everyone at the launch pads all day long
and kept the pad areas very clean.  Thank to those of you who stayed and
helped clean up.

LOST: One of the flyers misplaced some reading glasses today. If you have
them, please let me know.

David Raimondi
LUNAR Rocket Club President

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