[LUNAR Announce:] Saturday's launch is a go at Brigantino Park, Hollister!

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Tue Apr 25 15:32:37 PDT 2023

Come out Saturday and help launch rockets in Hollister!

LUNAR is holding a low-power / mid-power model rocket launch from 9am to
2pm this Saturday at Brigantino Park, 2100 San Juan Hollister Rd,
Hollister, CA 95023.  Fees are $10 per launch or $25 per year, per family.
Educational groups, such as TARC and Scouts are free with prior

Parking is limited and the wind picks up in the afternoon, so plan on
flying early.

As always, LUNAR is volunteer run and needs volunteers to make the launch
happen.  The launch equipment is being transported to the park, but help is
needed setting up and tearing down the pads as well as registration,
low/mid power check-in, LCO and pad supervisor duties.  Please reach out if
you have any questions about what these rolls entail.

*The flight limits for Brigantino Park are different from Snow Ranch where
we fly under FAA waiver for high-power flights.*
The park is 1000' on the shortest side, so the NAR MODEL ROCKET SAFETY CODE
<https://www.nar.org/safety-information/model-rocket-safety-code/> limits
apply: Class 1 rockets (model rockets)
on a single G motor, with no more than 125g of propellant, no more than
320Ns of impulse and 1500g maximum mass.  Class 1 rockets
no prior FAA approval or Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility notification as
long as they are “operated in a manner that does not create a hazard to
persons, property, or other aircraft.” and "launch site dimensions are not
tied to the expected altitude of the rockets’ flights", however due to the
site location and configuration, typical weather, neighbours and other
factors, LUNAR is adding a *1000' AGL altitude limit*.

Remember that we are a NAR section (club) and while you do not need to be a
NAR member to fly with us, joining NAR <https://www.nar.org/join-nar/> will
provide you with personal liability insurance for your rocketry activities.

* https://www.nar.org/find-a-local-club/section-guidebook/laws-regulations/
* https://www.nar.org/safety-information/model-rocket-safety-code/
* https://www.nar.org/join-nar/

Please let me know what questions you have and I look forward to seeing you
Fred Radford
President, LUNAR
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