[LUNAR Announce:] 3...2...1... Build Night, Moffett Field Fair, and Brigantino Park Launch

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Mon Jul 17 18:54:28 PDT 2023

Greetings everyone!

Lots going on rocket wise as the summer starts getting hot.

First, don't forget about the annual build night, during our bi-monthly
membership meeting this Wednesday at 7pm.  Come a few minutes early to
check-in at Maker Nexus.
We will have the LUNAR membership meeting and then do some building.  There
will be some give-away kits for those that need them along with supplies
and help.
You can also bring your own rocket project to work on or just to

Signups are optional,
but do help us get an idea of how many people will be attending.

#2 - Moffett Field is hosting a "County Fair on the Moon" this week,
Wednesday through Saturday.
If you would like to volunteer to sit at the LUNAR table for 1 1/2 hr, we
can add you to the list and you can attend for free.  The booth doesn't
need to be manned continuously, it will be setup as more of a static
display this time, but let me know any suggestions you have.  YES! the moon
rock will be back, along with moon rover driving and I hear there will even
be a food truck.

Launch!  Yes, this Saturday is the next Hollister launch at Brigantino
*We need help transporting the equipment to and from *Rocket.Supplies as it
doesn't stack well in the little trailer I have.  Please signup
if you can pickup the equipment on Wednesday, that would be great.

Do you have any topics for the membership meeting?  Let me know:
president at lunar.org
See you Wednesday!

Fred Radford
President, LUNAR.org
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