LUNAR Contacts

The most current list of LUNAR's officers is maintained on the LUNAR website at:


If you have questions about model rockets or the LUNAR model rocket club, these are the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the people you should contact. Another good source of information is the LUNAR'clips journal and the LUNAR mailing lists.

The LUNAR'clips journal is available electronically at.


All back issues of the 'clips are available on the LUNAR website at:


The lunar mailing lists are available to get club information over the Internet and to engage in rocketry discussions. Signing up for the mailing lists is described on the LUNAR website at:


While e-mail is the best way to correspond with the club members and officers, you can also leave a message on the answering machine at the LUNAR hotline.

You should call the LUNAR Hotline to verify the date of the next meeting or launch, especially if you will be driving a long distance. We try to stick to the published calendar, but other events at the launch site occasionally force us to reschedule. On launch days, the Hotline recording is always updated at 7:00 am to reflect the Go/No-go status of the launch. On days with questionable weather, it is especially important to call the Hotline to get the latest information.