Upcoming Contests Summary

Update: The March 4 contest has been postponed! If the March 4th launch is rained out the contest will be held on March 11. Otherwise, the contest will be held at the April launch!

Upcoming Contests for the 2016-2017 contest season:

This year we will be having one big contest at the March Snow Ranch Launch.

The planned events are:

Spot Landing WF: 4
Predicted Duration WF: 8
B Altitude WF: 11
Classic Model WF: 20
1/2A Boost Glider - Stock - Estes Tercel WF: 17

Total weighing factors: 60

I am going to try something new this year. I have created a provisional event called "Stock" where everyone is required to enter the same model. For the 1/2A Boost Glider event we will all be required to use Estes Tercels. I hope you will give this idea a try.

(all altitude events to use altimeters - we have three club altimeters for loaners)

We will be giving away kits to all that enter, and ribbons will be awarded for first through fourth place in each event. Our prize box is getting low so if anyone has any kits to add I would really appreciate it.

Here are some hints for D Super-Roc:

In Addition: We will have an H-Water loft High-power contest at the same date. This will not count toward NAR points. but is open to anyone who wants to give it a try. This link has the official rules:


The max impulse for H is 320 Newtons, and any motors used in the contest must be on the NAR certified list:


Hope to see you there!