Meet The Pad Assignment Director (PAD)

(Orange Vest)

LP SCO Prerequisites: The PAD is an ideal job for our youngest members as they can be supervised by the LP-SCO.

The pad assignment director is a relatively easy job that is well suited for our younger members. The PAD makes the launch pad assignments for the low power pads. When a rack of pads has been launched, the PAD gets the clipboard from the LCO, removes the cards for the launched rockets and puts them in the "Used Flight Cards" box. If a rocket did not fly and the LCO is going to give them another chance, leave the card on the clipboard. If the rocketeer has to remove his rocket to try again later, give him his card back. Take the clipboard back to the low power table and assign all the available pads by clipping the rocketeer's launch card on the clip that corresponds to the assigned pad. Be sure the launch card has been initialed by the LP-SCO before assigning a pad.

During slow periods pad assignments are done by the LP-SCO after he finishes checking a rocket.

The PAD is also available to help out the other officers in the launch area, depending on where the need is. If the PAD must leave the LP-SCO table to run an errand, the LP-SCO takes over pad assignments.

NOTE: When a large group of young children, such as Cub Scouts or 4-H, comes up, suggest to their supervisor that we write the pad assignment on the back of the child's hand with a pen. This makes it much easier to remember which pad they are supposed to be on.

As mentioned above, the PAD job is ideal for our younger members as they can be supervised by the LP-SCO. A parent and child can sign up for the LP-SCO and PAD positions for the same hour and work together to do the safety checks and pad assignments (I did it when my daughter was 10 years old and she thought it was great fun).