Meet The Registration Manager (RM)

(Green Vest)

RM Prerequisites: The RM needs to be high-school age at least 15 years old or older who understands how lunar operates. You can be trained for this position in about 5 minutes.

The Registration Manager watches over the launch sign in sheet, ditributes flight cards, hands out and receives membership applications, and answers questions about the club. When money is received for flight cards or as membership dues the RM makes change as necessary and records it on a transaction log.

Membership cards, applications, Flight Cards and other information are in the file box. Money and Flight Cards are in the cash box.

When members sign in, the RM stamps their hand with our special "rocket" stamp. When nonmembers present a Free First Day of Flying card the RM cancels the card by putting their name and date on the card and then stamps their hand. They get to keep the card as a souvenir. Nonmembers who pay the walk on fee also get their hands stamped.

The RM also has maps to the nearest hospital for flyers at Snow Ranch in case someone is hurt and needs medical attention. The maps are in the file box.

The RM should generally be at least high school age as they must handle money. The RM needs to know how LUNAR operates and how to launch rockets with LUNAR as they tend to be the first person a new rocketeer gets to talk to. If you cannot answer a question about LUNAR, point them at anyone wearing a vest and they should be able to help out.