Obtaining a Pyro3 License

If you are going to Purchase, transport, store or launch high power rockets in California, state law requires you to have a Pyrotechnic Operator-Rocketry Class III license, affectionately known as a Pyro license. For purposes of this license, high power rockets includes any motor larger than G. Whether you are a NAR member, TRA member, transporting motors to an out of state launch or just a visiting flier at a sanctioned HP launch in the state, you are required to follow all state and local regulations. You cannot meet this requirement in California without obtaining this license. Flying without this license places you, the local club and even the launch-site owner at jeopardy by violating the law and the terms of the umbrella insurance policies provided by our national organizations.

LUNAR is committed to helping its members comply with the law and obtain their Pyro license. A Pyro Coordinator position (contact: calpyro@lunar.org) has been created to provide live advice and assistance to you throughout the license process. Additional information is available on the pages below:

One Mans Story Tony Coopers experiences as one of the earliest LUNAR Pyro Licensees.

Pyro3 Process How you get there from here. A step-by-step guide to obtaining your Cal Pyro 3 license.

Pyro3 Resource List Who ya gonna call?. A list of contacts and resources helpful to obtaining your license.

Pyro3 Study Guide The Fireworks Handbook is a big book, this will help you focus on the important parts.

Pyro Levels So what is the difference in the license levels and why would you want to get an advanced license.

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