LUNAR Field Procedures

LUNAR provides all the ground equipment. There are pads of all sizes, from a 1/16 MicroMaxx rod, twelve pads of 1/8" rod, all switchable to 3/16". Plus six mid power pads of 1/4" rods and 48" 1010 rail, plus 12 pads of high power mix of big rods and various rails. Plus one away pad, very heavy 1010 and 1515 rails.

You need to bring all your own consumables (engines, ignitors, wadding, glue for repairs, food, drinks, sunblock, film, etc.), hobby tools and your rockets. The following are general field procedures. The procedures may differ slightly at different launch sites. Flights at NASA's Moffitt Field require special procedures to get on and off the base with rocket engines in your car. The LUNAR home page will have links to these procedures in the area where the launch is announced.

While at the launch site, you must pay attention to the announcements made over the P.A. system, and if the LCO calls a "HEADS UP" you must to stop what you're doing, identify the hazard, and do whatever is necessary to protect yourself and others from it. If you can see the hazard, point at it so others will see it. Not every recovery system works as planned.

If the weather is at all questionable (rain, wind or whatever) on launch day, call the LUNAR hotline after 7:00 A.M. to verify that the launch will still be held as scheduled.

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