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LUNAR'clips is the newsletter of the Livermore Unit of the National Association of Rocketry. It is available online at the links below. The LUNAR'clips contains articles on modeling, current contests, and launches. All of the articles are written by LUNAR members. Members of all ages (and especially our younger members) are encouraged to write articles for the LUNAR'clips. An archive of previous issues is maintained on this server.
Current Editions
LUNAR Clips Archive

LUNAR Flyers

LUNAR has created some flyers for promoting the sport and the club. We normally print these up and make them available to hobby shops in the area and to Scouts and other clubs.
LUNAR Flyer PDF format

LUNAR Bylaws and Policies

The following links are to the LUNAR bylaws and policies pages.
LUNAR Bylaws
LUNAR Policies

LUNAR Rocketry Resources

LUNAR has created some documents that list different Rocketry Resources available here in the Bay Area.
LUNAR Rocketry Resources PDF format
LUNAR Rocketry Resources Word format

Membership Form

Follow the link to the LUNAR membership information and forms.

Flight Cards

Flight cards are needed for each launch and describe the rocket and the engine being flown. We have flight cards available at a launch but if you would like to print your own beforehand, use the templates below.
LUNAR Low Power Flight Card (A to G engines)(pdf)
LUNAR High Power Flight Card (H and above engines)(pdf)

LUNAR Presentations

At different club meetings, LUNAR members have made presentations on different aspects of modeling and rocketry. We maintain an archive here for those who have provided visual materials.
Presentation Archive

LUNAR Handbook

The LUNAR Handbook is a work in progress by several LUNAR members. When it is completed, it will contain numerous articles on rocketry, it's history, rocket engines, model building, laws, launch procedures, etc. Basically, everything you might want to know about model rockets and the LUNAR model rocket club.
LUNAR Handbook (wiki)

LUNAR Mailing Lists

LUNAR maintains several mailing lists for announcements and discussions on rocketry and modeling.
E-mail Lists

NASA's Space Place

LUNAR hosts NASA's Space Place. Space Place articles help the public explore NASA's technology and discoveries. Current Space Place articles are available on the LUNAR'clips.
NASA's Space Place

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