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There are many other rocketry-related sites on the Web, including:

NAR, the National Association of Rocketry, of which LUNAR is a section (local chapter).
  • DART - San Diego rocketeers.
  • ROC - Rocketry Organization of California. Holders of the ROCstock event in the Mohave desert.
  • SARG (Sacramento Area Rocketry Group)
  • San Diego Model Rocket Club North San Diego County NAR model rocket club website with membership information and pictures of recent launches.
  • The NAR website has a page of links to other section websites.
Tripoli Rocketry Association, the corresponding national organization for High Power Rocketry.
  • AeroPac is the local prefecture (chapter) of the Tripoli Rocketry Association.
  • The Tripoli website has a page of links to other prefecture websites.

NASA has some Model Rocketry pages with a lot of useful information for people new to the sport.
The rec.models.rockets newsgroup provides a lively forum for discussion of model and high-power rocketry. (Note: Your browser must be news-group-capable to follow this link.)
Associated with rec.models.rockets is an online archive . In particular, the RMRFAQ directory contains useful answers to many Frequently Asked Questions. The same FAQ information is also available as a collection of web pages.
The SEDS page at the University of Arizona includes pointers to several other good sites.
The Rocketry Online Rocketry Online site is a fantastic resource, with lots of information and links to other sites. Don't miss this one!
NCSB Rocket and Missile Works
Rocket Reviews Sort of a user written newspaper on rocketry.
Friends of Amatuer Rocketry, Inc. An experimental rocketry site in Mojave California.

The Real Thing

This section contains links to non-model rocketry sites. That is, these links are to the real thing.

Spaceflight Now A spaceflight news site.
Scaled Composites Home of the builders of SpaceshipOne, winner of the x-prize.


This space is for vendors of model rocketry components and engines. (Vendors, If you think your site belongs here, please send mail to the webmaster.)

http://www.321rockets.com/321Rockets offer a large selection of Estes model rockets, beginner kits, and rocket engines.See also the associated site modelrocketsite.com which contains many articles related to model rocketry.
AeroTech Engine and rocket manufacturer. Source of composite engines.
Apogee Rocket and engine manufacturer. Source of small composite engines.
Art Applewhite Rockets Flying saucer kits in a variety of styles and sizes. Free plans and monthly contests.
Bay Area Rocketry Our own Mike Gentile is making rockets and engines available locally. He is also the motor vendor for Snow Ranch launches. Be sure to contact Mike before a Snow Ranch launch to make sure he has the engines you want.
Commonwealth Display's, Inc.
Custom Rocket Company
Discount Rocketry
ESTES Model Rockets The premier manufacturer of model rockets for 40 years.
FlisKits, Inc. Jim Flis and Brian McCarthy are building a business with some original kits.
Fruity Chutes Custom made rocket parachutes.
Jolly Logic Home of the AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo
Magnum Model Rockets
Rocketarium A new kid on the block with custom kits.
Rocketman Enterprises A High Power rocketry site.
Red Arrow Hobbies where Dave McVeigh will take care of your rocketry needs.
Scale Rockets Supplier of model rocket kits, engines and supplies.

Lights and Flashers

This area contains vendors of lights and flashers suitable for use at night launches.
SVC This place sells PC case mods, but most of the lights will work with two 9V batteries in series.
Extreme Glow
Premier Glow
All Electronics
Windy City
Glow, Inc. Glow in the dark powders and paints.

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