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Who We Are

LUNAR is Section #534 of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). We are about 300 model rocketry enthusiasts of all ages who gather together to learn rocketry, teach rocketry, exchange modeling techniques, and , of course, fly model and high-power rockets.

Where We Are

We are located in Livermore, California, about fifty miles southeast of San Francisco along interstate 580. We have meetings six times a year in the Livermore Library or at the Greenmeadow Neighborhood Community room. We fly rockets once a month in the winter at Snow Ranch east of Stockton. We currently have 36 launch pads arranged in racks of 6 so that 18 pads can be loading while 6 are launching. We currently have permits and licenses for up to "M" series high power model rocket engines at Snow Ranch.
Directions to our launch pads at Snow Ranch.
Directions to our Meetings.

What We Do

LUNAR was organized for the purposes of youth education and community involvement. LUNAR is much more than a youth group, however. It is open to rocketry hobbyists of all ages to further the sport and science of hobby rocketry within the NAR and Tripoli Safety Codes. These codes have allowed hundreds of millions of model rocket launches by hobbyists since the late 1950's without any serious injuries.

Meetings six times a year. Mostly business but occasionally there are presentations on rocketry or modeling.
Launches once or twice a month. Come join us. There is no cost to watch and it's great fun.
Teach rocketry to youth groups such as boy scouts, girl scounts, 4H, and Gate classes.
Promote model rocketry with demonstrations and articles.
Publish the LUNAR Clips newsletter six times a year.
Contact our officers or check our hotline for the latest announcements.

Joining LUNAR

Joining LUNAR is simple and inexpensive. You can join by mail or simply show up at the next launch and we will take care of you. We have a yearly membership fee per family.


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