Four Stage Rack Rocket

On November 14, 2007 Tom Desmarais presented a build session at the LUNAR meeting, showing everyone how to build a four stage rack rocket. The plans needed for that rocket are available below.

The rack rocket was originally described in the August - October 2007 issue of the LUNAR'clips.
18mmFourStageRackRocket.pdf Construction instructions for the 4 stage rack rocket.
BuildSessionDrwgB.JPG Construction drawing for the four stage rack rocket.
MoonDog_d.jpg The Moon Dog. Plans for a 3 stage rack rocket.
rackrocket.rkt Rocksim file for the rack rocket.
estes_rackrocket.eng Rocksim engine file that combines two engines into one so the four stage rack rocket can be simulated with Rocksim, which can only handle 3 stages.
estes_new.eng Estes engine file for Rocksim with the dual combined engine added.
Dave Cummings - AeroCFD and HyperCFDT presentation (powerpoint)

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