The LUNAR Mile High Wall

The LUNAR Mile High Wall is not so much a page for the guys who launch their rockets the highest, but for those who try to hit a mile high exactly. Anything within a couple of hundred (thousand???) feet of a mile will be included here, assuming the rocketeer was trying to hit a mile.

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DateAltitude (ft)DeltaRocketeerRocket
4/17/046,315+1,035James MarinoLittle Sister
4/4/096,315+1,035Paul LanePolecat 7.5 " V2 on a Cesseroni 54mm L730
4/17/046,201+921Steve KendallPink Eye on a J350
4/17/045,989+709Joe PettinicchiSudden Rush on a J460T
2/13/10 5,594 +314 Dave Cummings Scratch built 'Mile High Bird' on an F10-8
5/6/065,508+228Patrick WagnerPML X-Caliber on a Cesaroni 512I285
4/17/045,475+195Lee TeicheiraEstes Maniac on a K695R
2/5/055,418+138Richard HagenPML Endeavor on a J800T
4/17/04 5,315 +35 Joe Heckenbach Walkin' Zombie on a J350
1/6/07 5,304 +24 Richard Hagen Endeavor J800T
2/5/11 5,281 +1 Mike Garrett "Dark Matter" on a K500RL
4/5/08 5,271 -9 Ross Ohmen "Wahoo" - 38mm fiberglass on an I211
4/17/045,209-71Cliff SojournerLOC Caliber ISP on a J350
12/6/085,204-76Steve JurvetsonMavericks Sledgehammer on an M1550 Redline
2/9/085,200-80Gene EngelgauEVE with a J315R
5/1/20105,185-95William Kellermann JrLOC Precision Caliber ISP flying on a J-90W
4/2/115,120-160Steve JurvetsonMavericks Sledgehammer on an M1675 Pink
4/7/075,102-178Steve JurvetsonTelstar Logistics V2.0 on a K700
4/5/085,092-188Tom Desmarais2 Stage 3xC6-0 D12-3 staging to an E9-8
12/4/045,054-226David RaimondiPML X-Calibur on an I285
3/3/074,943-337Conner KuhnsLOC weasel on an H148-L
12/8/074,820-460Gene EngelgauEscape Velocity Extreme on a J180T
4/17/044,744-536Anthony CooperLOC Legacy on an I218R. I'll be back.
3/5/054,657-623John PascalePML "D" Region named Go Niners on a J285.
2/11/064,607-673Maarten KorringaMiler rev B on a G40-10T motor.
12/4/044,535-745Paul PittengerVaughn Brothers Javelin on an H275-10 motor.
12/2/064,495-785Alan ThymRDS- AREIS on a J800T
12/2/064,019-1,261Aaron StanleyPublic Enemy Performer on an I435
4/17/043,852-1,428Jamie ClayClaims a cloud got in the way.

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