Typical LUNAR Rockets

Some typical rockets at LUNAR launches

LUNAR welcomes a broad range of rockets and rocketeers. We often have participants as young as 5 or 6, and they are just as important as the "big kids" with their bigger toys. Most rockets fly with 18mm or 24mm A-D motors, but the range extends from 1/2A mini motors to full H composite reloadables.

Many rockets flown at LUNAR launches are standard model rockets (e.g. Estes or Quest) flown on A thru D motors, such as this Estes Delta Clipper.
Larger model rockets are often flown on composite motors, such as this Estes Super Big Bertha on an AeroTech E30.
LUNAR's standard heavy-duty launch pads easily accomodate rockets at the low end of the high power range, such as this stretched LOC/Precision Graduator, ready to fly on a G motor.
In addition, our high power pads, located separately for extra safety, is available for limited power test flights of larger high-power rockets, such as this one: Stan Bachelor's LOC/Precision Caliber ISP, on an AeroTech RMS H reloadable, shown here being prepared for launch, and leaving the pad.

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