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Since we have been launching at Snow Ranch everyone has had a chance to enjoy the beautiful rolling hills. Unfortunately, those same hills have shown a propensity for eating rockets. In January, it is hard to imagine how a 3 foot blue and white rocket with a 24 inch yellow parachute can get lost in 1 inch tall green grass but it has happened (my rocket actually). A lot of others have joined this rocket, probably carried off by aliens (or the coyotes, whomever gets to it first.) After an appropriate length of time they return and you will find them here.

If you happen to recognize one of these as a long lost creation, check in the lost and found box or contact the club president or the equipment manager to get it back.

Note that after a year in the lost and found box unclaimed rockets are sold at the annual LUNAR auction.

Found: 3/8/2014
Description: 3 foot tall, black, white and red. Says Brannigans Law on the side.
This rocket has been in the trailer for a year. If it is yours, better get it as it is going to be sold at the next auction.
Found: 2/6/2016
Description: 4 foot tall pink.
Found: 2/6/2016
Description: 4 foot tall gray with circles on the fin can. I believe thie belonged to one of the people who were trying to cert level one today.
Found: 2/6/2016
Description: 2 foot tall Estes Nova.
Found: 2/6/2016
Description: Aerotech Initiator, 3 foot tall red and white.
Lost:probably 12/5/2015
Description: This altimeter was found on the ground. The battery was dead so it was probably lost in December.

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