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What to Do When a Rocket Lands in Your Back Yard

This page is for all of you who live near where we launch rockets who might find one in their back yard. Model rockets don't always go where we want them to go and while we try very hard, they often parachute into people's back yards, onto a roof, or into a tree. The kids and adults who built these rockets often have many hours of work into them and would really like to have them back. Even if the rocket is broken, we still want them back as there are often engine mounts, electronics, and other parts in them that can be reused. If people can just let us know where the rockets are are, we will take care of getting them back.

When a rocket parachutes into your yard there should be nothing in it that can hurt you. While the engines will be hot, there is no longer any fire in them by the time they reach the ground. You are much more likely to damage the rocket by picking it up than having it hurt you.

Pick it up gently. Most of the small rockets only weigh an ounce or two and are made with thin paper tubing and balsa wood fins. Carefully fold the parachute, wrap the lines around it and stuff it in the rocket tube. If it doesn't go in easily, just leave it out.

On A Launch Day

If it is on a launch day and you can reach it, just put it in your front yard where it can be seen. People will be cruising the neighborhoods looking for the lost rockets. Our launch schedule is on the LUNAR Calendar.

On Any Other Day

If it is not a launch day or no one finds the rocket in your front yard, see if it has a phone number written on it somewhere. Many people stick a return address sticker on or inside their rockets in the hope that someone will call. If not, either call or send e-mail (see Contacts below) to the club president or the equipment manager and we will come and get it.

In A Tree Or On The Roof

If the rocket is in a tree or on the roof, don't try to get it down. We have a long pole with a hook on the end for getting rockets out of trees or off of roofs. Often a rocket will fall off the roof or out of the tree on its own if you wait a little while. If not, call us and we will come and get it down.


If there is any damage caused by our rockets, please let us know and we will take care of it.


All our contact information is on the LUNAR contacts page. Contact any of the listed officers starting with the President and the Equipment manager and we will arrange to pick up the rocket.

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