Getting Permits for HP Launches

Pyro III

In 2009, a court ruling removed the requirement to have a Federal Low Explosives Permit (LEUP) in order to buy and transport high power rocket motors. A California Pyrotechnic Operator-Class III does need to be supervising any high power flights.

Pyrotechnic Operator-Rocketry Class III license

LUNAR has a WIKI and mail list for Class 3 information and discussions.

Pyro III Wiki
Pyro III Mailing List

Tony Cooper has an excellent WEB page outlining the Class 3 process.

The process isn't hard. The requirements and the test material is taken directly from NAR Level 2 material, with a heavy emphasis on site dimensions and distances. Since I think most of the L2 test should be a L1 test anyway, I really like the idea of taking the Pyro Class 3 test prior to being able to certify L1.

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