LUNAR’clips 2002                        Volume 9, Number 1

Livermore Unit of the National Association of Rocketry              January/February 2002

Copyright © 2002 by LUNAR, All rights reserved.

In This Issue

Note From the Editor
The Range Head
Piñata Rocket: The Evolution
X Prize Entrants, Part 2 – Getting Real
VidRoc Flights
NAR Cal Contest Series
Building the Graduator
Who You Going To Call?

Note From the Editor

Geoff Canham, LUNAR #534

A new year, and the first edition in a new volume of the LUNAR'clips. In this edition we have an article about the most popular rocket to launch at LUNAR (candies YES!), an update on the developments towards space tourism, and experience rocket flight now through a video camera mounted on a model rocket. Then you can start preparing for some contest launches, and pick up some tips from the experts about building your rockets, in the article about the Graduator. Then get busy preparing articles for the next 'clips!

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