Jim Horner's Rocket Collection

Actually, this is just a part of Jim's collection.

Rear, left to right:
  • Scratch-built Black Satin
  • Estes Mosquito
  • Scratch-built GAM-63
  • Estes Mercury Redstone
  • Scratch-built RAM-B3
  • Scratch-built Nike-Tomahawk
  • Estes Little Joe
  • Estes Saturn 1-B
  • Estes Jayhawk
  • Front, left to right:
  • Estes Strike Fighter
  • Scratch-built Duelin' MiGs dual boost glider
  • Notes on scratch-builts:
     1. Black Satin is powered by 3 mini-engines in the pods, with
        the ejection gas ducted into the center body tube.
     2. GAM-63 is a sport rocket powered by a cluster of anywhere
        from 3 to 7 mini-engines. There is a video of this rocket 
        in LUNAR's Video Gallery.
     3. The RAM-B3 is a scale model, including the unusual spin
        motors attached amidships by the red band. (Non-functional
        on the model, of course.) See Alway's Rockets of the World
        for details.
     4. Jim's Nike-Tomahawk is described in detail on its own page.
     5. The Duelin' MiGs rocket has since been replaced with a new
        improved version featuring three parasitic gliders. Jim has
        managed to set these up so that they perform a surprisingly
        good imitation of a dogfight as they spiral down together.
        Jim wrote a really nice article with complete plans for this
        rocket, which appears in the December 1996 issue of the NAR
        magazine Sport Rocketry.

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