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Special thanks to Chris Burgess and Anthony Cooper, who recorded and digitized all the videos that appear on this page.

We also encourage submissions from other video-equipped folks who attend our launches. (You know who you are...) Contact the Webmaster to submit your video clips.

Most of the clips listed below are in AVI format, and include audio as well as video. They are known to work in Microsoft Media Player on Windows'95. On other platforms, your mileage may vary.

A few of the video clips found below are in MPEG format. Various browser plugins are available for playing MPEG clips, including several found on the Netscape multimedia plugin page .

Sample Video

(345KB) Jim Horner's scratch-built GAM-63, launched with "flash-pan" ignition. This is our shortest clip, so try it first to verify that our AVI files work in your browser. This rocket also appears on Jim's page in the photo gallery.

Newest Videos

These are our newest videos (thanks to Chris Burgess).
(1.3MB) Norm Newlon's PML Endeavor flying on an H220 at the June 2000 launch.
(500KB) James Marino's 2X upscale of the classic Mars Lander, flying on an H242 at the June 2000 launch.

Of Special Interest

(2.54MB)The G.A.T.E. class from Arroyo Seco Elementary School flew a swarm of Estes Mosquitos as a class project. This video is file is large for its length (7.4 sec), since compression would make it impossible to see all all the tiny rockets, but it's well worth the wait to download it. Especially the sight/sound of all those little ejection charges going off like popcorn.

LUNAR Videos

(1.4MB) This MPEG clip shows a fine demonstration of two-stage recovery. The rocket is Paul Magid's scratch-built M-K-2, named after the Zulu word for "spearhead" (Umkhonto). It's flying here on an AeroTech G75-M, with an Adept ALTS2 altimeter triggering twin drogues at apogee and a 45" main chute at 250 feet.
(1.1MB) This clip, also in MPEG format, shows a nice flight of Anthony Cooper's Star Wars X-Wing. This is the large format kit from North Coast Rocketry, not the smaller Estes version. Here, it is flying on an AeroTech F50-4W.

(3MB) Harry Edwards' PML Sudden Rush, flying on an H180, with two stage "CPR" recovery. (This video is also available in a larger 16MB version.)

(1.5MB)Dave Redell's LOC/Precision EZI-65, flying on an RMS H123 (This video is also available in a larger 8.6MB version.)

(1.6MB)Ken Finwall's LOC/Precision Bruiser, flying on an RMS H242 -- a seriously under-powered flight.
(1.1MB)By way of comparison, here's Robert Taylor's LOC/Precision Minie-Magg flying on the same motor (an H242). A still photo of this flight appears on Robert's page in the photo gallery.
(2.2MB)Jeff Proschold's rework of the Estes Impulse as the "Super Impulse", flying on two F39s and two airstarted D12s (This video is also available in a larger 11.5MB version.)
(1.9MB)Ken Finwall's Mercury Redstone flying on a G80-4. This kit, recently introduced by Boyce Aerospace, features lots of great scale detailing in a nice large size. (This video is also available in a larger 11.9MB version.)
(2.4MB)This banana-yellow LOC/Precision Minie-Magg is also owned by Ken Finwall, and flew on another G80-4. (This video is also available in a larger 10.8MB version.)
(1.4MB)This rocket, whose owner shall remain nameless, decided that it was a heat-seeking missile and that LCO Louis Fico was hot stuff... (This video is also available in a larger 5.9MB version.)

(0.8MB)Chris Burgess' pencil rocket, the Ticonderoga Sky Writer, converted from a plastic pencil bank. (This video is also available in a larger 5.0MB version.)

(0.6MB)Chris Burgess' Lil' Wild Thing from Vaughn Brothers Rocketry, Flying on a C6-5 and seven (!) A10s, with flashpan ignition. Wheee! (This video is also available in a larger 2.5MB version.)

(1.2MB)Ed Armanini's brand new LOC IROC on an RMS H128 reload. (This video is also available in a larger 5.9MB version.) Alas, this rocket has subsequently experienced a "high speed flight into terrain"...
(1.0MB)Chris Burgess' Public Missiles Patriot on an H238 reload. The notoriously squirrely character of Patriot models with correct scale fins is clearly evident. (This video is also available in a larger 3.5MB version.)

(1.1MB)Here's a Vaughn Brothers' Javelin on a G64 reload. (Don't currently have the owner's name -- sorry.) This video is also available in a larger 6.4MB version.)

(1.1MB)This is an Estes Shadow on a Estes E15 (shudder). It actually flew without blowing up. Amazing. (This video is also available in a larger 6.3MB version.)

(570KB)Mike Hobbs flew this patchwork vehicle made from two different 4" rockets: the nose of one and the booster of another! It flew on a cluster of one G80 and four F100s. Just after the LCO pronounced it "a beautiful flight" one of the two Estes D12s that Mike was using as a plug somehow ignited, causing an interesting dance right around ejection time. (This video is also available in a larger 3.7MB version.)
(1.5MB)Jack Hagerty's Binder Designs Brutus flying on an AeroTech G40. Photos of this rocket also appear on Jack's page in the photo gallery.

(820KB)Chris Burgess' NCR Phantom 4000 on an F50.

(1.3MB)This is a severely underpowered rocket due to a motor malfunction -- probably a blown nozzle. In any case, a low-flying lawn-dart for sure.

(850KB)Chris Burgess' Estes Shadow on a D12-3. Not exactly a brutal butt-kicker motor for this rocket...
(870KB)Louis Fico's upscale Marte, shown in an incredibly cool three-stage flight on FSI F100 motors. (Good thing there wasn't any wind, though.) This rocket also appears on Louis' page in the photo gallery.
(1.0MB)Mike Hobbs' PML Patriot on an H motor (exact motor not known).

(600KB)Lynn Kissel's Skye H'eye video rocket. See also Lynn's page in the photo gallery and Lynn's Skye Heye page, which includes onboard video (B/W MPEG clip).

(1.5MB)Eric Kleinschmidt's NCR Phantom 4000 flying like a bat out of hell on a Kosdon H270! This rocket also appears on Eric's page in the photo gallery.

(1.5MB) Eric's Phantom 4000 again, this time on a Kosdon H220 "Dirty Harry" motor. Geez -- somebody call the Smog Police! (This video is also available in a larger 7.3MB version.)

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