LUNAR’clips 2002                        Volume 9, Number 2

Livermore Unit of the National Association of Rocketry              March/April 2002

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In This Issue

Note From the Editor
The Range Head
How Far Can Your Lawn Dart Go
X-Prize Entrants: Mickey Badgero and Bristol Spaceplanes Ltd.
Parachute Deployment Timer
Parts List
Who You Going To Call?

Note From the Editor

Geoff Canham, LUNAR #534

We're going rather technical this time, with Randall Clague giving us the way to calculate where your favorite rocket is going to crash, and Steve Kendall giving us a way to try to ensure it lands safely. I was hoping Tony Cooper was going to give us an article on "Induced Asymmetrical Drag & Tip Whip Skewing", but perhaps next time. And for next time, does anyone have a report on a rocket they've built, a launch they've been to, etc., and photographs, photographs, photographs. Send them early, send them often.

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