Bill Orvis at LUNAR Launches

Bill Orvis likes to design and build rockets that you won't find in any hobby store. He especially likes to integrate interesting lights and flashers with the rockets he builds for the night launches. Bill's wife bought him a new hat (I can't imagine why).

Galactic Apple Transport

His latest is the Galactic Apple Transport; a touring ship for the rest of us. The design of the Galactic Apple is described in a LUNAR'clips article.

The Galactic Apple has a 1/8 by 9 inch miniature fluorescent light running down the inside of the main tube which contains chairs and people that can be seen through the ports on the side.

At night, the fluorescent light illuminates the passenger cabin while blue LEDs illuminate engineering and a red LED illuminates the control room.


In the daytime, the Monarch rocket looks like a giant Monarch butterfly with a cool grin.

At night, a miniature black light illuminates the wings

and makes them glow bright orange as the Monarch files into the night. The design of the Monarch is in a LUNAR'clips article.

Purple Demon

The Purple Demon is also a night rocket with a purple light in the nose cone.

The Purple Demon has very interesting fins that broke all to pieces the first time it was launched. Bill rebuilt it with plywood fins so it would hold together.

Tri-Laser 1

The Tri-Laser 1 was a first attempt to build a rocket with pocket lasers projecting into the rocket exhaust.

The three pocket lasers are in the pods at the ends of the fins.

The lasers make long red streaks shoot out of the back of the rocket.

The Tri-Laser 1 worked, but the lasers need to be closer to the engine. The Purple Demon above was originally the Tri-Laser 2 with lasers in the red pods that surround the engine. The Tri-Laser 2 was much too heavy to fly so it was rebuilt into the Purple Demon. The Tri-laser 3 is currently in design mode.

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