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This page is under continual development. We encourage submissions from shutterbugs who attend our launches. Contact the Webmaster to submit your photos.

Rocket Samples

Here is a
sample of the wide range of rockets flown at LUNAR launches.

Our Member's Rockets

The rest of our photo gallery is arranged into groups of rockets built by our members.
Jack Hagerty is President of LUNAR.
Ron Baskett is another LUNAR stalwart... is Robert Taylor.
The best looking rockets at LUNAR generally belong to Lynn Kissel.
Ryburn Ross is a young but accomplished rocketeer, who flies a lot of scratch-built models.
Mark Jeghers often flies large and/or complex rockets.
Eric Kleinschmidt is a fan of "interesting" motors.
Jeff Proschold's rockets show a lot of craftsmanship.

Craig and Frank Colby fly a lot of interesting scratch-built rockets.
Chris Burgess has some classic rockets from decades past.
Louis Fico and his family specialize in upscales of classic rockets.
Mike Hobbs flies a lot of rockets.
The Park family flies a variety of rockets at LUNAR launches.
Jim Horner likes medium sized scale models of real missiles and launch vehicles.
Dave Redell flies a rocket now and then. Hopefully, he will get to spend more time flying since he turned this site over to Bill Orvis.
Bill Orvis likes to design rockets that you won't find in any store. He especially likes the night launches with rockets adorned with lights and flashers.

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